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What are User Journey Maps? with Stéphanie Walter

We're talking about User Journey Mapping. What is it and how does it help us build better digital products? Vitaly talks to expert Stéphanie Walter to find out.

Can HTML emails use modern CSS? with Rémi Parmentier

We’re talking about HTML email. Do we still have to design like we would for IE5? Vitaly talks to expert Rémi Parmentier to find out.

How do you become an NFT artist? with Yiying Lu

We ask how do you go from running a creative studio to designing NFTs? Vitaly talks to artist Yiying Lu to find out.

What’s the Value of a Design System? with Ben Callahan

We ask how do you prove the value of a Design System, and how can you pitch it effectively to stakeholders? Vitaly Friedman talks to Ben Callahan to find out.

Can you change a UX dinosaur? with Marko Dugonjić

How can you affect change to UX design in large organisations stuck in their ways? Vitaly Friedman talks to Marko Dugonjić to find out.

How do you ship a billion dollar idea? with Paul Boag

We ask how you ship a one billion dollar idea? Vitaly Friedman talks to Paul Boag to find out.

Is Sass still relevant? with Stephanie Eckles

We ask if Sass is still relevant in 2022 and if it adds any value modern CSS workflows? Vitaly Friedman talks to expert Stephanie Eckles to find out.

Why does accessibility matter? with Sara Soueidan

We ask why accessibility really matters, and why is it so important to get it right? Smashing’s Vitaly Friedman talks in depth to Sara Soueidan to find out.

What is Responsible JavaScript? with Jeremy Wagner

We’re talking about Responsible JavaScript. What does it mean for code to be responsible, and how should we approach projects differently? Drew McLellan talks to exper...

Is The Web Dead? with Chris Ferdinandi

We’re asking if changes to best practises over the last year have negatively impacted the web. Is it all downhill from here? Drew McLellan talks to expert Chris Ferdin...

What is Astro? with Matthew Phillips

We’re talking about Astro. Will this modern static site builder launch you into the stratosphere? Drew McLellan talks to developer Matthew Phillips to find out.

What is DevOps? with Jeff Smith

We’re talking about DevOps. What is it, and is it a string to add to your web development bow? Drew McLellan talks to expert Jeff Smith to find out.

What is Designing for Safety? with Eva PenzeyMoog

We’re talking about designing for safety. What does it mean to consider vulnerable users in our designs? Drew McLellan talks to expert Eva PenzeyMoog to find out.

What is Chakra UI for React? with Mike Cavaliere

We’re talking about Chakra UI. What is it and how can it help with your React projects? Drew McLellan talks to expert Mike Cavaliere to find out.

What is Image Optimization in 2021? with Addy Osmani

We’re talking about Image Optimization. What steps should we follow for performant images in 2021? Drew McLellan talks to expert Addy Osmani to find out.

Why is my React app slow? with Ivan Akulov

We’re talking about React performance. What factors slow our React apps down, and how can we fix it? Drew McLellan talks to expert Ivan Akulov to find out.

What is VisBug? with Adam Argyle

We’re talking about VisBug. What is it, and how is it different from the array of options already found in Chrome DevTools? Drew McLellan talks to its creator Adam Arg...

What is The Future of CSS? with Miriam Suzanne

We’re starting our new season with a look the future of CSS. What new specs will be landing in browsers soon? Drew McLellan talks to expert Miriam Suzanne to find out.

What’s Next For HTML Controls? with Stephanie Stimac and Melanie Richards

We’re talking about HTML controls. Why are they so hard to style, and how might that change in the future? Drew McLellan talks to Microsoft’s Stephanie Stimac and Mela...

What is The State of Web Performance? with Harry Roberts

We’re talking about Web Performance. What does the performance landscape look like in 2021? Drew McLellan talks to expert Harry Roberts to find out.

What is Machine Learning? with Charlie Gerard

We’re talking about Machine Learning. What sort of tasks can we put it to within a web development context? Drew McLellan talks to expert Charlie Gerard to find out.

Review of The Year 2020

We’re taking a look back at 2020. Who did we speak to in our 25 episodes this year, and what did we learn? We listen back to some clips to find out. Yes, it’s a Chr...

What is GraphQL? with Eve Porcello

We’re talking about GraphQL. What is it, and how does solve some common API problems? Drew McLellan talks to expert Eve Porcello to find out.

What is Product Design? with Chris Murphy

We’re talking about Product Design. What does it mean to be a product owner, and how can you learn the skills required? Drew McLellan talks to expert Chris Murphy to f...

How Does Netlify Dogfood The Jamstack? with Leslie Cohn-Wein

We’re asking what it looks like to dogfood the Jamstack at Netlify. Can you deploy an entire app to a CDN? Drew McLellan talks to Netlify Staff Engineer Leslie Cohn-We...

What is Eleventy? with David Darnes

We’re talking about Eleventy. What is it and how does it fit into your Jamstack workflow? Drew McLellan talks to Renaissance man David Darnes to find out.

What is TypeScript? with Stefan Baumgartner

We’re talking about TypeScript. What is it, and how can it help us write better JavaScript? Drew McLellan talks to expert Stefan Baumgartner to find out.

What's new in Vue 3.0? with Natalia Tepluhina

We’re talking all about VueJS. What’s new in the 3.0 release, and how hard will it be to migrate? Drew McLellan talks to core team member Natalia Tepluhina to find out.

What Is RedwoodJS? with Anthony Campolo

We’re talking about RedwoodJS. What exactly does it mean to be a full-stack Jamstack framework? Drew McLellan talks to community champion Anthony Campolo to find out.

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